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NEW | Kee's Headstash X Extractioneering

Updated: Jun 28

One of our favorite cultivators at Kee's Headstash teamed up with the concentrates experts at Extractioneering to create a truly unique blended oil cartridge!

Our good friend and master cultivator at Kee's Headstash teamed up with the industry leading concentrate processors at Extractioneering to bring us a  truly unique blended oil cartidge. The 51/50  blend, as they describe it, combines High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) with a potent high THC Distillate.

Now you can enjoy the potency of distillate and the nuanced effects of Cured Resin with a more robust terpene profile and more available cannabinoids! 

What is HTFSE?

Also known as “high terpene extraction or “high terpene full spectrum extraction” (HTFSE), it is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate currently available. Because of its high purity, it may also contain naturally occurring THCa crystalline structures!

What is THC Distillate

Distillate is one of the purest products containing only the THC and CBD molecules, and has many applications across the cannabis industry. Removed in the extraction and winterization process are most fats, waxes and lipids that form the plant profile of the cannabis or hemp plant!

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